TONGVA MAP of Villages of the Gabrieliño-Fernandeño of the Los Angeles Basin- We are asking for a $25 donation, one of the most accurate maps made to date. This map has taken thousands of hours to make, great reference guide. Also has our "History at a Glance-Timeline" on the back. We share as we learn, the meaning of some of the village names. This map is also a living document as we correct information and discover other sites. Monies will go toward further research.

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DONATE: We need funds for many important projects: The JPHarrington Project, Gas Money to go to conferences/for people needing gas money to come to class, Recording equipment & recording materials, Money for research, Money to advertise in the Newspaper to search for Harrington Notes, office supplies, paying for the internet etc. Someday we would like to pay our Mentor who has been working for us from the goodness of her heart. 

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To make a difference in other ways, Keepers of Indigenous Ways offers:

Sponsor Opportunities: If you or your company would like to sponsor one of our KIW or Cultural Enrichment Opportunities please email Sutimiv or Julia at kiw@cox.net or
Volunteer Programs. Help us instill a sense of wonder, respect and stewardship for all people thru the eyes of the Indigenous for Mother Earth, her Water, her Air, and her Ecosystems. The Keepers of Indigenous Ways is involved with the community and the region through engagement in culturally respectful entertainment, education, and storytelling.  An empowerment of eco-balance will be achieved thru exhibits and programs about Mother Earth and her Wetlands & Oceans and the lives of her first people and “All Our Relations-Wee’ Nehiinkem.” Join KIW today.
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Moompetam -We would like to get a "Matching Fund" of $7,500


6 Hour Canoe Program -For $500 we can build a canoe out of plywood for our "kids at risk program. Become a sponsor!!!


 Indigenous Water Craft- we need $10,000 to launch our "Plank Canoe Programs" or donate one plank of red wood at a time and that plank will be dedicated to you or someone of your choice. For $5000, we can build one 21' canoe that will hold 3 to 4 paddlers. "One Plank at a Time" is so that you or members of your family or friends or whoever is interested in lending a hand to build a future. We wish to have a Boat House to place all our Indigenous Water Craft. In this House your name would be on a plank  in a prominent place along with others for all to see your contribution, for now we have to make that a virtual house here on this website, but you can help us make it a really.


 Please support our Languages by giving generously, we are continually searching for "lost words", we need funding to advertise on a continuous basis in news papers for people to look in there basements, attics and storage units to look for these "field notes"- research papers that JPHarrington might have left. A wide search is needed because JPH worked on 135 languages all over California and Southwest, he was known for leaving massive amounts of work behind in storage. The Smithsonian can verify that boxes of his information have been found everywhere, even in chicken coops. For materials & expenses : paper, flash card, DVD'S, CD'S, lesson materials, ink, gasoline for cultural educator, for our students who need transportation to get to class.


We need to pay our Mentor, who has generously given her time over the last 8 years for free. Currently our Mentor only has time for 1 to 2 hours a month, we despartly need whole day sections. So please help us learn our language with this wonderful teacher.


 Golf Carts - We could use several golf carts for our camp site, giving tours, taking the elders back and forth, transporting materials back and forth.


Ink -for printer spending approximately $100 a month


Office -Need about $500 a month for internet/phone/stamps/paper etc. 


Gasoline -$100 a month....help!!! example: Julia travels round trip about 200 miles to teach, lecture and go seminars. Any donations will help!!


Food -We try to feed all our volunteers and many times we can't afford to.


Keepers of Indigenous Ways –Tongva Village Shwaanga/Harbor Regional Park

1.    Total Emersion School - Tongva Village Shwaanga

2.    Title 7 for the Kids – Having to learn about the Mission Indians

3.    Elder Gatherings

4.    Story Telling Conferences/Retreats

5.    Summer Camp for “Local & Inner  City Kids”

6.    Spiritual Leader Retreats

7.    “Walking the Red Road Programs”- Rites of Passage

8.    Tongva Sweat Lodges - male/female

9.    Pow Wow’s

10.Naming Ceremonies

11.Races & Games (Peon)

12.Native American Weddings

13.Retreat for NA Veterans/suicide prevention

14.Wellness Seminars from NA perspective

15.Water Way Projects: Tule boats & Ti’ats (plank canoes)


Keepers of Indigenous Ways -Wish List

Museum ( We have permission from the South West Museum to use Artifacts), Gift Shop, Class Rooms, Assembly room,

Fund Raising Equipment- Laser Printer, button makers, silkscreen equipment etc.

24/7/365 Guards – paid ? Room & board?

Liability Insurance

Bathrooms need to fixed & expanded, more showers with privacy & bathrooms

Fully operational Kitchen

Own some of the Condos on the corner of Vermont & Anaheim

Electric gulf carts (2) with the big wheels

2 electric gulf carts , tour types with 12 sit capacity

Trailer- Office

Truck, insurance, maintenace

Fire Wood

Wood plitter

Chain saws

Solar panels on the bathrooms

Storage Units


Tarps for the Lodges


Tents, chairs , camping equipment


Build 6 Ti’ats, with paddles and all equipment necessary

Keepers of Indigenous Ways Language Programs Wish List

1.     Computers to communicate with each other Visually with the Teacher, need to identify key locations/homes. Hadicap etc. (#??)

2.     Laptop computer

3.     New Video camera & equipment

4.     New Digital Camera & equipment

5.     Upgrade on programs: Photo shop, Illustrator etc.

6.     Sound Recording Equipment

7.     Upgrade DVD’s, Cd’s

8.     Ipod’s

9.     Travel funds for students and teachers

10.  Copier

11.  Iphone

12.  Office supplies

13.  Office maintenance (electric work need to be done)

14.  Office manager

15.  Accountant Fees

16.  Consultants

17.Mentors/interns/grad students

18.Students- to be paid to learn (our core group)

19.  Video Tape all the lessons

20.  Record all lesson for ipod

21.  Flash Cards

22.  Computer programs such as Rosetta Stone, Acorn etc. which can develop

23.  Dictionaries

24.  Lesson Books

25.  Coloring Books in our Language

26.  Stories in our Language

27.  JPHarrington Project- we need an Army for coding

28.  Panorama Programs- Data Base for our Languages

29.Total Emersion School- Tongva Village Shwaanga

30.  Chalk boards

31.  Finding more words project: Radio,TV, Newspapers. Documentaries

32.  Maps-We need to find all the Villages, R&D, triple checks

33.  Name all the plants

34.  Name all the animals

35.  Wax Recordings

36.  Buy all the Micro flim

37.  Total Audio Visual studio with all the extras!!

38.  Materials to make all the visual aids for students to learn.

39.  R&D research all the possible ways to teach our students & ourselves

40.  Breath of Life in Berkeley, pay for room & board for 12 students

41.  Language is Life pay for room & board for 6 students

42.  Money for attending all pertinent Language seminars