"Water" is sacred, we Native Americans have known this through our teachings. Pray with your water when you drink it, know that it will heal you within. Paar = Water, never take water for granted. We as Native Americans know never to foul the water you are going to drink. Our air, streams, rivers and lakes have been polluted, Mother Earth contaminated by man's continuous greed. We are all effected by this, the way you can combat this is by healthy living. So i humbly share this important information with you to create a better world for all.   

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Meyiiha, to my Native American Family, Wee Nehiinken, and to whom it may concern,

      Solving our health problems Native American style, I feel the combination of Dr. Kim's 9 secrets to health and Native American spirituality we can achieve many of our badly needed goals. Many problems have been over come by walking the "Red Road" the way of the White Bison or the "Blue Road" the way of the Dolphins. The "Four Directions" or many roads of indigenous people around the world when left alone to practice our own indigenous way of life. What ever way one chooses, here are some solutions to many of our problems to help us on our way. You can be an atheists and still achieve physical health, even many of the phycological problems of the mind, but you will be hard press for the full benefits that the Great Spirit has for us without a relationship with the creator. Much of our youth problems are due to "Rites of Passage"-knowing your purpose in life, hence most of us should have had that when we were adolescents. Physically the protocols in this book can cure most diseases from the common cold to cancer. For us it can surely help cure our overwhelming problems with Diabetes, Asthma and obesity. We have the highest suicide rate in the world. Four of my nephew have taken their lives, all in their 20's. Statistics say that 99% of  our problems are due to drugs and alcohol, no doubt many of them are. I feel that 100% of our problem is our disconnect from Mother Earth and our relationship with the Creator, due to the Genocide brought on by the "Invasion" or "Our Paradise Lost". Our languages and culture stripped from us, yet we are resilient people with many roads to healing, this is yet another. If anyone is interested in a presentation to your tribe, group or church etc., for a 1-2hr FREE INTRODUCTION to the Native American Community -call Keepers of Indigenous Ways office for scheduling 310/464-1821, we just ask for donations, what ever you can afford, pay it forward. What is your health worth??? Help us with our vision to heal the planet, to start a village of healing, a 9 week healing camp. To buy land, to take this important messages on the road!! We will be studying our indigenous plants and our way of life to help us on this path.

We are here to help the next person to help the next person to help the next person.Yamoxene-going home to your true self.



Dr. Kim's Book, "9 Secrets of Health"

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Our Universe, Your Universe......1

      this is an introduction to the book.

Chapter 2: Water. "Super Hydrate, Shower from Within"......13


Click here to listen about water!!!

Please take time to listen to the first Secret to healthy living: The 1st Secret is about "Water"
I am reading excerpts from Dr. Kim's book, which will be available soon. This is an inspirational teaser, if you are interested the other 8 secrets call me: 310/464-1821 for more information or if you would like a lecture. Dr. Kim's book will change our healthcare system overnight if people start to follow his protocols. DRINK SPRING WATER!!!! NOT PURIFIED OR FILTERED WATER!!!

Chapter 3: Wood. "Green, Green, Greens"......33

Dr. kim means just that Greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Click to listen about Greens!!!

Chapter 4: Fire. "Reduce Processed Sugar"......49 

Use an alternative like agave or stevia, refined sugar is toxic. 

Click here to hear about FIRE

Chapter 5: Earth. "Increase Natural Fat"......69

Try eating nuts like almonds for a snack, go to trader joe's, they have a great selection.

CLick here to hear about EARTH

Chapter 6: Metal. "Supplement Vitamins and Minerals Daily"......85

Make sure your vitamins are as natural as humanly possible, try Standard Process Vitamins.

Chapter 7: Wind. "Exercise and Walk"......113

Start slow and build up, come on you can do it!!! Dr. Kim has some great exercises that will shape your right up.

Chapter 8: Moon. "Rest, Vacate, Recreate,Relate and Set Goals"......143

This chapter is dealing with your emotions, yeah its tough, but you have come this far? Now we are getting to most peoples problems: "The Big Sadness" in most people lives, that is preventing them from truly healing.


Chapter 9: Sun. "Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Forgive"......189

Learn how to forgive the unforgivable and get on with your life!!!

Chapter 10: Metabolism and Weight Loss. ......219

You really want to lose weight, well here are the answers.

Chapter 11: Heart. "Just Believe"......241

Come from the heart and feel the power!!!!

Final Thoughts............265

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