Keepers of Indigenous Ways 
This website was created to bring a little more insight, from an Indigenous point of view.  We are Tongva based/ Inter-Tribal & Volunteer Organization. We have mutual concerns, we share concepts & ideas, we are trying to fill some important gaps that we feel need addressing. We look for positive solutions and constuctive discussion. For those that find this website compelling we ask for generous donations. We have many projects that need to be funded. And hopefully a healthy dialogue will be created from these pages. So we also ask you to respect these pages as a virtual journey and to leave the images and words where you find them. We ask only that you think with your heart. 'Aweskone Xaa, thank you

Total emersion village for the Tongva People
Federal Recognition
Unified Indigenous Nations
Primary focus on Southern California Culture
Culture, Language, Arts, Maritime, Scared Sites
To instill a sense of wonder, respect and stewardship for all people through the eyes of the indigenous for Mother Earth, her Water, her Air, and her Ecosystems. The Keepers of Indigenous Ways will involve the community and the region through engagement in culturally respectful entertainment, education, and storytelling.  An empowerment of eco-balance will be achieved through exhibits and programs about Mother Earth and her Wetlands & Oceans and the lives of her first people and “All Our Relations-Wee’ Nehiinkem.”

The Keepers of Indigenous Ways (KIW) is in response for need to bring people together to develop and implement programs and activities related to our indigenous ancestral lands & maritime cultures, including the building, repair and maintenance of our traditional plank canoes. The KIW teaches members of the Indigenous community, and others, through learning our Languages, storytelling, arts, lectures, classes, and demonstrations. The KIW teaches respect for our ancestors and ourselves by continuing the traditions of our indigenous ancestral lands & our maritime culture


Welcome to our web site!
Native American cultures and traditions have always held the environment as an important priority. Our lives have been tied, traditionally, to the land and the ocean. There are unwritten customs for respecting the land, ocean and the ecosystems. These codes of respect have been passed down orally from generation to generation in our songs, stories, prayers, and  teachings of our elders’ - as far back as Tribal memory serves, e.g., "Take only what is needed, Do not waste, Treat all life with respect."
We know that if these traditions and others are followed then the land will continue to provide for us, the water will be good, and the Village of Man & Woman will experience good fortunes.